Somewhere back in the darkness that was the 80s, Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer were introduced. Their mutual friend was the late Sam Prager, manager of the Chrysalis band, Vigil. The two immediately began collaborating on their first song, "Dancing in the Dark".

Eventually, the duo enlisted producer Pete Solley to help with production. Pete had enjoyed success with several groups, among them, The Romantics and Oingo Boingo. Across the River was first released as a 4 song EP on vinyl, then as a 10 song CD in 1991. The CD was culled from several years of recording and featured appearances of such performers as the Weathergirls who sang backup on 3 songs. Two of those songs are on the first record, the third, "Something to Show", was included in the Warren Miller feature film, "Extreme Winter".

By this time, Cubic Feet was performing live, as well as in the studio. They played club dates in the Baltimore / Washington area and New York and music conferences like the New Music Seminar and CMJ.

Passenger in Time, the second CD, saw the group getting away from synthesizers to a more guitar-oriented sound. A video was made for the song "Bitter Pill" and received much airplay, making CMJ's top twenty. The band continued to tour, playing festivals as far away as South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

For the third CD, Inside Rail, the band took a leaner, meaner approach, eschewing keyboards altogether and toughening up the guitar sound. Twenty-one tracks were recorded within two years and the best thirteen (including one hidden track) wound up on the record. "Monkey" and "Lighter" were well received on the radio and the band played on.

The release of their fourth album, Superconnector, found Cubic Feet, once more, broadening their musical palette. A recently acquired Hammond organ looms large in the musical landscape and Brian Simms and Pete Solley make it come to life. Woody plays mandolin on two tracks. "All is Good" features the band's first use of violin and cello. Accordion comes in on "Save the World" and "Isabella Rossellini".

Superconnector was released on the auspicious date 9/11/01! The band had recently returned from a high profile date playing in front of music directors, DJs, and radio promoters at the Gavin AAA Convention in Boulder, CO. Big moments on tour included a string of dates in St. Thomas, USVI, which culminated in Cubic Feet performing at Pirate Radio’s First Annual Birthday Bash on the beach at Bolongo Bay. Another highlight was the outlaw party at Kenichi for SXSW in Austin.

The Living End – then and now is the latest Cubic release. It incorporates some of the “best of” the group’s 4 cds in 13 tracks on disc 1 – all remastered at Gateway Mastering in Maine. Disc 2 has 8 new and previously unreleased recordings including the new single, "Living End." The band will reunite for the Dewey Beach Jamfest in Delaware and other dates. You can listen to the tracks under THE LIVING END in the AUDIO section of this site.


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